What if I Can’t Afford to pay my Taxes?

1040 questions such as the above are common to individuals who have the tendency to disregard their tax payments. However, the well being of the country depends largely on the timely payment of individuals, families and businesses. Those who choose to fail filing and paying their share increase the burden of those who pay. This could also slow roadways maintenance and repair, school projects support, etc. People do not file their form 1040 for different reasons, e.g., ignorance of the law, refund expectation and because they owe taxes. Whatever the reason, they still have their rights as taxpayers.

What if the taxpayer could not pay? This is a question most people would want to be answered. Well, if the taxpayer cannot pay the full amount stated in line 75 of Form 1040, which indicates the tax amount owed by the individual, he may ask to make full or partial monthly installment payments. This installment payment can have a payment term of up to sixty months. However, interest and late payment penalties may be charged on top of the tax payments. A fee may also have to be paid. Applying for an installment payment could be done online or by submitting Form 9465.

1040 Back Taxes

What are the people’s rights as taxpayers? Taxpayers have the right to be treated professionally, fairly, courteously and promptly by the IRS staff. It is the goal of the IRS to allow for the taxpayers to have the highest confidence in their efficiency, integrity and fairness by protecting their rights.