What is Teletax and How Can It Help with my 1040?

Filing a Form 1040 for your yearly income tax payment may be confusing and tedious at times. Miscalculations and incorrect entries may easily cause the taxpayer trouble and unnecessary delay. This is the reason why the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) came up with the TeleTax. This service can answer all your 1040 questions or just about any other question regarding taxation.

TeleTax is the friend of a taxpayer who has many inquiries or who do not know what to do when filing their income tax return. This service have recorded tax information which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To use this service, all you need to do is call their number, 1-800-829-4477 and press the number of the topics you want to ask about. TeleTax topics are numbered according to subjects and are even available in the Spanish language. TeleTax is also available online through the website of the IRS.

Examples of the topics available in Teletax are how to order forms and publications, how to order a copy of your income tax return, ensuring the proper credit of payments, substitute tax forms, when, where and how to file, common errors checklist in preparing the tax return, refund information, tax payment options, dishonored payments, and many more information that any taxpayer could make use of. All these with just a call or a click of you keyboard.

Luxury Taxes

For those people who would rather not risk making mistakes in the filing of their income tax returns, they may retain the services of professionals who are also out there to make the lives of the taxpayers easier. Online directories of these tax professionals are also available. Contact numbers are indicated, all the taxpayer need to do is make that call.

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